Amazon Code Pipeline Status notification to Microsoft Teams

Hello Techies, I recently worked on one project where I was using AWS on codepipeline. In our project, we need to provide Code Pipeline status back to the application team immediately. So that team can take quick action on that and speed up deployment/delivery. Based on this requirement, we have decided to implement Microsoft Team … Read more

AWS IAM (Identity And Access Management)

IAM allows you to manage users and their level of access to the AWS console. What does IAM give you? Centralized control of your AWS account. Access Shared access to your AWS account. Granular Permission – This means you can enable a different level of access to different users within your organization. Identity Federation – … Read more

What is the difference between AWS Transit Gateway and VPC Peering

Hello Friends, Today, we will discuss about “what is the difference between AWS transit gateway and VPC peering”. This is most important topic for any cloud engineers and commonly asked in the interviews. So, first we need to understand, what is the purpose of AWS Transit Gateway and VPC Peering? The answer is both Transit … Read more

Difference between AWS Security Groups and NACL

Hi Techie, Today we will discuss the most common topic of AWS i.e Security group and NACL. There is a common question in the interview is “What is the difference between Security Group and NACL?” So let’s discuss both topics in detail. Basic Architecture of Security Group and NACL in AWS Security Group Security Group … Read more