Different types of services in Kubernetes

There are four types of Kubernetes services — ClusterIP, NodePort, LoadBalancer and ExternalName. The type property under Spec helps to determines which service is exposed to the network. ClusterIP ClusterIP is the most commonly used service type in Kubernetes. It is the default Kubernetes service.We can define type as ClusterIP or leave blank in the … Read more

Configure Jenkins Master and Slave Nodes


A Jenkins is a well-known tool in the world of DevOps. It is an open-source automation tool to build, test and deploy applications. A Jenkins comes with the basic installation and in this basic installation, there is only a Master that handles all the tasks for the continuous integration and deployment process. Jenkins Distributed Architecture … Read more

Understanding the Components of Kubernetes Architecture

We all know how the IT sectors moving fast towards containerization, microservices, automation, etc. Most of the organizations are looking for Kubernetes professionals who have competency in containerization and orchestration tools. This blog describes the key components of Kubernetes. What is Kubernetes? Kubernetes is an open-source multi-container management (orchestration) tool that automates deployment, scaling, descaling, … Read more