Useful git commands with examples

So before starting, let’s understand what is git and why is it so popular? GIT is the widely used free open-source version control system in the software industry. Using GIT you can track different versions of source code and help to collaborate with other team members. In this article, I will explain the most useful … Read more

Amazon Code Pipeline Status notification to Microsoft Teams

Hello Techies, I recently worked on one project where I was using AWS on codepipeline. In our project, we need to provide Code Pipeline status back to the application team immediately. So that team can take quick action on that and speed up deployment/delivery. Based on this requirement, we have decided to implement Microsoft Team … Read more

Different types of services in Kubernetes

There are four types of Kubernetes services — ClusterIP, NodePort, LoadBalancer and ExternalName. The type property under Spec helps to determines which service is exposed to the network. ClusterIP ClusterIP is the most commonly used service type in Kubernetes. It is the default Kubernetes service.We can define type as ClusterIP or leave blank in the … Read more

Branching Strategies for CI/CD

A branching strategy is an agreement, or a defined set of rules, that describes when and why branches are created, naming convention, the purpose of particular branches, and so on. In the current market, Git is the most popular source control version available. Every organization using Git has some standard of Branching Strategy for the … Read more